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It's been five years since Truth & Soul's octet gave us the incredible Wu Tang version album. It's been two years since they last dropped a single, too. However the band is back and their trademark cinematic soul is richer and more emotive than ever. From the instant the trembling flute and guitar open with the cuddly, ultimately positive "Kiddy Ditty" we're whisked on a largely instrumental journey that flings us through the wild west ("Little House"), soul's early JB chapters ("This Song For You") and straight up NY low-slung funk ("A Little Sloppy").


Climaxing with a Lee Fields featured "By The Time I Get To Phoenix", Loose Change is a kind reminder of just how accomplished and creative El Michels Affair are.

El Michels Affair - Loose Change (10")

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  • Side A
    1. Kiddy Ditty

    2. Little House
    This Song For You" (alternative mix)

    Side B
    4. A Little Sloppy" (full version)
    Yennicita" (alternative mix)
    By The Time I Get To Phoenix" (feat Lee Fields)

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