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Odd Future frontman releases his new 15 track album on Columbia Records. The 15-track project clocks in at 25 minutes total, as most of the songs come in under two minutes. Outside of an appearance from Navy Blue, Brooklyn-based duo Standing on the Corner serve up an assist on track No. 6 Ontheway. The Chicago native's parents, Cheryl Harris and Keorapetse Kgositsile - the latter of whom died in January - guest on Some Rap Songs deep cut Playing Possum.

Earl Sweatshirt - Some Rap Songs

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  • 1. Shattered Dreams

    2. Red Water

    3. Cold Summers

    4. Nowhere2go

    5. December 24

    6. Ontheway!

    7. The Mint

    8. The Bends

    9. Loosie

    10. Azucar

    11. Eclipse

    12. Veins

    13. Playing Possum

    14. Peanut

    15. Riot!

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