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By All Means Necessary was released a little under a year and a half after the masterful Criminal Minded. Criminal Minded was the portrait of young man, Lawrence “KRS-One” Parker, doing what he needed to survive on the streets of the South Bronx, accompanied by Scott “La Rock” Monroe Sterling, his DJ and mentor.


Meanwhile, By All Means Necessary presented a more focused KRS-One, an emcee who was ready to take on the police, the government, and protect hip-hop’s honor. Criminal Minded may be the slightly better album, but KRS-One built his career and legacy on By All Means Necessary.

Boogie Down Productions - By All Means Necessary

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  • 1. My Philosophy
    2. Ya Slippin'
    3. Stop The Violence
    4. Illegal Business
    5. Nervous
    6. I'm Still #1
    7. Part Time Suckers
    8. Jimmy
    9. T'Cha - T'Cha
    10. Necessary

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