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Selected by British DJ and vinyl hunter Paul Hillery, new BBE Music compilation 'We Are The Children Of The Sun' showcases a shimmering collection of rare folk funk and AOR with a distinctly Balearic feel. Former tour DJ for Polyphonic Spree and the man behind YouTube channel and mix series ‘Folk Funk & Trippy Troubadours’, Paul Hillery’s lovingly handpicked musical assembly takes in strummed soft rock, blissful beach beats, the soft fizz of electronica, all carried to your ears by a gentle summer breeze.


The music on 'We Are The Children Of The Sun' ranges from hazy, long-forgotten early 70s tapes, right through to digital compositions recorded during lockdown in 2020. “Tune in” says Paul, “and ruminate while consciousness is awoken with transmissions dropping out from the fringes of psyche tranquillity, holding hands with folk-funk that runs deep and hazy, as the bejewelled turquoise waters lap gently at the ocean’s shore.”

Various Artists - We Are The Children Of The Sun

SKU: 196006466640
  • 1. Make Believe - Jim LaMarche, Theresa Moylan, Music Industry Arts and Jim Lamarche

    2. Man of Misery - Tom Huntington and Mike Baumann

    3. ?????????? (Wonders) - David Datunashvili

    4. Sunday Morning - Pixie Lauer

    5. Phase Dance - Ron Drago, Pat Metheny and Lyle Mays

    6. Ride That Train - Guy Schwartz

    7. Land of Wonder - Marla Fant and Duane Fant

    8. Mistérios - Diana Pequeno and Rui Saleme

    9. Marie - Airborne and Darryl Bohn

    10. So Good When It Comes - Scott McGregor Moore

    11. I Send You All My Love - Checkpoint, Dirk Kleutgens and Susy Wetter

    12. Flow - Gabriel Gladstar and Michael Gwinn

    13. Summer Days / Golden Haze - White Feather, Graham Cooke and Alan.s.Robinson

    14. Fear of Flying - Philip John Lewin and Philip Lewin

    15. Let Love Flow - Monica Rypma, J. Gardner and B. Bartie

    16. Effert - Alex Crispin

    17. Phone Home - Michael Welch

    18. You Never Sang This Song - Guy Maxwell

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