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Quoted, recommended, and worshipped by the critics for decades, this underground masterpiece has now become part of the establishment. It cries to be listened to without interruption, which may explain why it failed to reach either the UK or US charts. it wanders and weaves, repeating themes and lyrics as if one song, yet we never tire of 'Gardens Wet With Rain,' 'Champagne Eyes,' or the wonder of how Morrison can make a place like Ladbroke Grove seem so hauntingly evocative.


This all-acoustic but fully arranged record is also a great educator in opening your eyes beyond pop, to folk, soul, and jazz, and although (or perhaps because) Morrison continues to return to its themes again and again, this is his core.

Van Morrison - Astral Weeks

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  • Part One: In The Beginning

    A1. Astral Weeks

    A2. Beside You

    A3. Sweet Thing

    A4. Cyprus Avenue


    Part Two: Afterwards

    B1. Young Lovers Do

    B2. Madame George

    B3. Ballerina

    B4. Slim Slow Slider

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