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American songwriter-inventor Thomas Truax joins forces with ex-Slits / Banshees drummer Budgie to produce a gemstone of art-rock, post-punk and surreal Americana. Thomas Truax is (pronounced troo-aks) an imaginative American singer / songwriter and inventor who has been touring and releasing records for 2 decades, usually performing solo with his own ‘band’ of self-made (sometimes mechanical) instruments. His music evades easy pigeonholing as his songs flit between art rock, post-punk, and a distinctive brand of surreal Americana. 


Mother Superior is the third in a series of motorized mechanical drum machines built by Thomas. She’s made primarily from recycled parts including bicycle wheels, hubcaps, spoons, a horn, and other percussive bits. She is widely celebrated for her ability to play steadily and make quite a din. Allusions to dreams are woven throughout Thomas Truax’s 10th studio album Dream Catching Songs, whether they be literal night dreams, aspirations, fantasies or broken dreams.


As a shy art kid growing up feeling trapped in a suburb of Denver, Colorado, Thomas dreamed of being in a rock band.  As a teen he moved to New York City and formed several of these in succession, but grew frustrated with the typical problems of keeping a human band together and committed. Especially when it came to drummers, whom it seemed were always jumping ship just as things started to go well.  He finally decided to build his own motorized mechanical drummer and go ‘solo.’

Thomas Truax with Budgie and Mother Superior - Dream Catching Songs

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  • 1. Dream Catching Song

    2. Everything’s Going To Be All Right

    3. Birds & Bees

    4.The Anomalous Now

    5. Free Floaters

    6. A Wonderful Kind Of Strange

    7.Origami Spy Arrives In Paper Boat

    8. A Little More Time

    9. Big Bright Marble

    10. The Fisherman’s Wishing Well Prayer

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