Formed in Glasgow in 1987, The Vaselines released two singles and one album and then split up in 1989 (the same week their album was released). They might have faded into obscurity but for the intervention of a certain band from Seattle. 

Nirvana covered three Vaselines songs, helping to fuel a growing after-the-fact appreciation of their seedy, two-and-a-half chord garage pop manifesto. 

"Sex With An X" was recorded outside Manchester at the Analogue Catalogue studio in Mossley with Julie McLarnon engineering, and produced by Jamie Watson (who also produced that first album Dum Dum). The Vaselines ca. 2010 is Eugene and Frances with guest musicians Stevie Jackson and Bob Kildea from Belle & Sebastian on guitar and bass, and Michael McGaughrin from the 1990s on drums.

The Vaselines - Sex With An X

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  • 1. Ruined
    2. Sex With An X
    3. The Devil's Inside Me
    4. Such A Fool
    5. Turning It On
    6. Overweight But Over You
    7. Poison Pen
    8. I Hate The '80s
    9. Mouth To Mouth
    10. Whitechapel
    11. My God's Bigger Than Your God
    12. Exit The Vaselines