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And so, by 1990, it seemed that no band in Britain remembered harmonies and jangly guitars and The Beatles and playing tapes backwards and psychedelic pop except The La's. And the La's weren't doing much about it--they spent so long in the studio moving faders up and down a millimetre that Go! Discs had to break into the studio, steal the tapes and release the album against the band's wishes. Chief La Lee Mavers still asserts The La's is a mess; nothing like he'd intended, but to everyone else in the universe it sounds glorious.

The La's - The La's

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  • A1. Son Of A Gun
    A2. I Can't Sleep
    A3. Timeless Melody
    A4. Liberty Ship
    A5. There She Goes
    A6. Doledrum

    B1. Feelin'
    B2. Way Out
    B3. I.O.U.
    B4. Freedom Song
    B5. Failure
    B6. Looking Glass

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