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Nine months after the release of The Doors self-titled debut, the band upped their game for its follow up. Strange Days is a more twisted and mature offering. The mystery was undoubtedly aided by the band's refusal to appear on the cover (except in poster form), leaving the stage to be set by circus performers. Yet, as with many second outings, the album contains a lot of material considered unfit for the debut. This probably explains why a lot of the tracks sound like variations on others.


Try telling the difference betweeen the intro to When The Music's Over and, Soul Kitchen for instance. But the Southern Californian magic is still very much in evidence. But by now the band had grown. They wanted the world and they wanted it now.

The Doors - Strange Days

SKU: 81227986513
  • 1. Strange Days
    2. You're Lost Little Girl
    3. Love Me Two Times
    4. Unhappy Girl
    5. Horse Latitudes
    6. Moonlight Drive
    7. People Are Strange
    8. My Eyes Have Seen You
    9. I Can't See Your Face In My Mind
    10. When The Music's Over

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