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"Let it first be said that the title track of The Hypnogogue, the first new album from The Church in six years, is one of the most breath-taking singles they’ve released in years, a darkly psychedelic six minutes that slowly spirals into a menacing descent. That alone is reason to keep this one on your radar; the Australian neo-psych band have been going for over 40 years, with around a half dozen classic albums and zero bad ones, yet their ability to keep evolving and uncovering new aspects to their sound and approach only serves as a reminder of how vital they remain after four decades."


After an epic return to homeland stages, Australian psych-rock legends The Church release their new studio album The Hypnogogue. Following on from 2017’s widely acclaimed Man Woman Life Death Infinity, the Sydney band’s 27th album was recorded just before the world was shut down by the COVID-19 pandemic. Emerging from the darkness is the band’s first new studio album in six years and the first to feature the newest line-up led by founder, bassist and vocalist Steve Kilbey. “The Hypnogogue” is the most prog rock thing we have ever done, we’ve never created a concept album before,” says Kilbey. “It is the most teamwork record we have ever had. Everyone in the band is so justifiably proud of this record and everyone helped to make sure it was as good as it could be. Personally, I think it’s in our top three records.”

The Church - The Hypnogogue

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  • Side 1

    1. Ascendence

    2. C ’Est La Vie

    3. I Think I Knew


    Side 2

    1. Flickering Lights

    2. The Hypnogogue

    3. Albert Ross



    1. Thorn

    2. Aerodrome

    3. These coming days

    4. No Other You


    Side 4

    1. Succulent

    2. Antarctica

    3. Second Bridge

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