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The innovative New Wave band Talking Heads formed in 1975 comprised of David Byrne (lead vocals and guitar), Chris Frantz (drums and backing vocals), Tina Weymouth (bass and backing vocals) and Jerry Harrison (keyboards, guitar, and backing vocals). Between their first album in 1977 and their last in 1988, Talking Heads became one of the most critically acclaimed bands of the '80s, while managing to earn several pop hits. Released in 1979 ‘Fear Of Music’ is the band’s third album. Produced by the quartet and Brian Eno it includes singles ‘Life During Wartime’, ‘I Zimbra’ and ‘Cities’.


180g LP. Cut From Analogue Masters. Original Artwork. Embossed sleeve.

Talking Heads - Fear Of Music

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  • 1. I Zimbra
    2. Mind
    3. Paper
    4. Cities
    5. Life During Wartime
    6. Memories Can't Wait
    7. Air
    8. Heaven
    9. Animals
    10. Electric Guitar
    11. Drugs

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