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The soundtrack to the band’s first concert video, recorded at Brixton Academy on 16th May 1993, only a month after the release of their Mercury Prize-winning debut album.


Now available on 140g black vinyl, the concert setlist includes stunning versions of nine album tracks, including the singles “Animal Nitrate”, “Metal Mickey”, “The Drowners”, “To The Birds”, and many others.

Suede - Love & Poison

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  • Side A
    1. Intro / The Next Life
    2. Moving
    3. Animal Nitrate
    4. My Insatiable One


    Side B
    1. Metal Mickey
    2. Pantomime Horse
    3. He’s Dead


    Side C
    1. The Drowners
    2. Painted People
    3. She’s Not Dead


    Side D
    1. To The Birds
    2. Sleeping Pills
    3. So Young

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