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Soccer Mommy is the project of 19 year old NYU student Sophie Allison and Collection is an album made up of re-recordings of tracks on bandcamp plus some new songs. It's the perfect introduction to a talent we predict big things for at Rough trade.


The songs were home recorded and are all the better for it. Her songs are intimate portrayals of love and infatuation. On one hand songs like Allison and Waiting for Cars are poetic and fragile and on the other Death by Chocolate is dark, clever and with a hint of comedy.

Soccer Mommy - Collection

SKU: 767981164014
  • 1. Allison

    2. Try

    3. Death By Chocolate

    4. Out Worn

    5. 3am At A Party

    6. Inside Out

    7. Benadryl Dreams

    8. Waiting For Cars

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