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On March 24th, in 1992, German act Snap! released their international awarded album “The Madman’s Return“, which includes the singles Colour of Love, Exterminate, Do You See The Light and their worldwide hit Rhythm Is A Dancer.


The album proves Snap!’s special flair for massive dance beats, driving lyrics and beautiful vocal lines. From the album’s opening number Madman’s Return to the end, the synthesizers will make you move to the dancefloors of the 90s. The track “Keep It Up” has been originally produced for the movie soundtrack of Rocky 5.


The album charted in more than 10 countries and was awarded with Gold and Platinum.


Celebrating 30 years The Madman’s Return will be released remastered as 2LP set on transparent red and yellow vinyl on October 21st 2022.

Snap! - The Madman’s Return

SKU: 4050538806113
  • Side A

    1. Madman’s Return

    2. Colour of Love (Massive Version)

    3. Believe in It


    Side B

    1. Who Stole It?

    2. Don’t Be Shy

    3. Rhythm Is A Dancer


    Side C

    1. Money

    2. See The Light

    3. Rhythm Is A Dancer (7“ Edit)

    4. Exterminate (feat. Niki Haris) (Endzeit 7)


    Side D

    1. Ex-Terminator

    2. Keep It Up

    3. Homeboyz

    4. Sample City V 2.01

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