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The Detroit trio's fifth album is eight tracks of what we've come to expect from the always in form group – a cinematic blend of twangy industrial rock, metal, noise, baritone vocals, and macabre lyrics –but with an immediate urgency not yet seen from the band on past albums. It's their most focused album to date.

Detroit based 3-piece combining a blend of industrial, deathrock, drum machines, gothic elements, soundtrack scapes, spaghetti western guitars and a thick, rumbling bass tone.

Ritual Howls - Virtue Falters

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  • 1. Dark Ceiling In Tennessee
    2. My Trash Mind
    3. Barely A Shadow
    4. Humiliation
    5. Goodnight Reason
    6. Tomb Room
    7. Kneel For Instruction
    8. Cauterize My Eyes

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