When welsh pop heroes Race Horses set out to make their new album, 'Furniture', they had one major rule - everything had to feel fresh. "All the new music I was hearing seemed to be hidden behind reverb, behind a veneer of cool," says singer meilyr. "We wanted to make something much more stark and direct."


The album they created is exactly that: a pin-sharp pop record inspired by Queen, Dexy's Midnight Runners, Soft Cell - and by the disco at the youth hostel they were staying at during the two-week recording sessions at the pool in South London.

Race Horses - Furniture

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  • 1. Furniture
    2. Mates
    3. Nobody's Son
    4. Sisters
    5. What Am I To Do
    6. World
    7. Bad Blood
    8. My Year Abroad
    9. See No Green
    10. Old And New