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George Evelyn--experimental sample expert, soul aficionado, club manager, DJ and founding father of the trip-hop genre--is the name behind the groove collective known as Nightmares On Wax. As laid back as the vibe on the beaches of Goa he loves to frequent, Evelyn's second album displays a startling lucidity. Strings that caress and plodding drumbeats are deftly arranged to leave a subliminal sound guaranteed to soothe even the most stressful of days.


An eclectic and well-implemented array of live musical influences and the raw resonance of the production define Smokers Delight, marking it out as an album that rises above the too often bleep-orientated ambience of the leftfield movement.

Nightmares On Wax - Smokers Delight

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  • 1. Nights Introlude

    2. Dreddoverboard

    3. Pipes Honour

    4. Me + You

    5. Stars

    6. Wait A Minute

    7. Praying For A Jeepbeat

    8. Groove St.

    9. Time (To Listen)

    10. (Man) Tha Journey

    11. Bless My Soul 5:57

    12. Cruise (Don't Stop)

    13. Mission Venice

    14. What I'm Feelin (Good)

    15. Rise

    16. Rise (Reprise)

    17. Gambia Via Vagatorbeach

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