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People tend to confuse the band Mazzy Star with it's singer Hope Sandoval. Truth be told, they've been right all along. Sandoval's languid, weeping willow voice is Mazzy Star; the name is a mere formality. With nods to Nico and the Velvet Underground, So Tonight that I Might See is vintage Mazzy.


Remarkably, the recording produced a strikingly undanceable single, "Fade into You". The rest of the album sticks close to the single's plaintive, retro balladry. Though Sandoval rarely raises her voice above a sultry whisper, it's bright enough to hold your attention all night.

Mazzy Star - So Tonight That I Might See

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  • 1. Fade Into You
    2. Bells Ring
    3. Mary Of Silence
    4. Five String Serenade
    5. Blue Light
    6. She's My Baby
    7. Unreflected
    10. Wasted
    11. Into Dust
    12. So Tonight That I Might See

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