“We recorded the album, co-produced by long-time collaborator John Goodmanson and band member Tom Bromley, during Euro 2016 in Fridao, Portugal. The album exists as a release of pent-up aggression, a document of both personal and societal malaise. But it’s also a celebration of just getting to be a band again, of getting to play music with our friends.


Thematically the record is concerned with fumbling for personal relevance while trying to be a better person. Repressing anxiety and attempting to function while constantly maintaining the perfect two-beer buzz. It is set upon a backdrop of nonleague football, prescribed medication, and crumbling hometowns. These truly are the Sickest Scenes.” - Los Campesinos!

Los Campesinos! - Sick Scenes

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  • 1. Renato Dall’Ara (2008)
    2. Sad Suppers
    3. I Broke Up In Amarante
    4. A Slow, Slow Death
    5. The Fall Of Home
    6. 5 Flucloxacillin
    7. Here’s To The Fourth Time!
    8. For Whom The Belly Tolls
    9. Got Stendhal’s
    10. A Litany/Heart Swells
    11. Hung Empty