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“Queen Of Denmark” was recorded in Denton in late 2008 through 2009 in the studio downtime while Midlake were recording their own record. The album moves through simple piano settings via an infusion of period-perfect synths that epitomise the lonely mood.


There’s flute from Midlake frontman Tim Smith on the dreamiest cut ‘Marz’ and velvet strings on ‘Dreams’, which imagines Scott Walker influenced by Patsy Cline. There is pure longing in the opening ‘TC And Honeybear’ and bitterly sarcastic anger in the magnificent title track finale… Pain, hope, fear, regret and self-discovery… “Queen of Denmark” has it all… framed within some of the finest songs you’ll hear in this or any other year…

John Grant - Queen Of Denmark

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  • 1. TC & Honeybear 
    2. Marz 
    3. Where Dreams Go To Die 
    4. Sigourney Weaver 
    5. Chicken Bones
    6. Silver Platter Club 
    7. It’s Easier 
    8. Outer Space 
    9. Jesus Hates Faggots 
    10. Caramel 
    11. Leopard & Lamb
    12. Queen Of Denmark

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