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The new recording sessions were overseen by Mercury Prize-winning producer Charlie Andrew and rising star Beni Giles. 

‘Hank’, which opens the new record, is further evidence that James have no inclination to shy away from politics. Booth is an Englishman in America, and that particular perspective on Donald Trump’s American carnage couldn’t help but have an impact on the writing of the record. 

As well as biting social commentary, ‘Living In Extraordinary Times’ also sees Booth speak frankly about deeply personal issues. On ‘Coming Home (Pt. 2)’, he writes - not for the first time - about the pain of being a father on tour away from a young child. 

That song features an appearance from long-time James collaborator Brian Eno. 

The new album also features ‘Better Than That’, in which Booth urges the universe to do its worst, like a man squaring up to life itself. 

“You can do better than that,” he sings. “Hit me again and show me where I’m cracked.”

James - Living in Extraordinary Times

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  • 1. Hank
    2. Coming Home (Pt.2)
    3. Leviathan
    4. Heads
    5. Many Faces
    6. How Hard The Day
    7. Extraordinary Times
    8. Picture Of This Place
    9. Hope To Sleep
    10. Better Than That
    11. Mask
    12. What's It All About 

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