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I am Kloot is the second album of the band by the same name. Their music is haunting, melodic, and smooth. This second piece yielded five singles, including the hits "Life in a Day" and "3 Feet Tall". It's much more than just a standard rock album. Songs like “From Your Favourite Sky” and “Proof” are just brilliant and show their development after their first release from two years earlier. It's all a bit more streamlined than before but that's the strength of the band. John Bramwell is a fine songwriter who created this beautiful marvel. 

I Am Kloot - I Am Kloot

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  • Side A
    1. Untitled # 1
    2. From Your Favourite Sky
    3. Life In A Day
    4. Here For The World
    5. A Strange Arrangement Of Colour
    6. Cuckoo 

    Side B
    1. Mermaids
    2. Proof
    3. Sold As Seen
    4. Not A Reasonable Man
    5. 3 Feet Tall
    6. The Same Deep Water As Me

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