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What if Black Sabbath played Afrobeat? What if Goat played those heavier Beastie Boys instrumentals? In short, that’s the underlying vibe to the self-titled debut by Here Lies Man.


The L.A. based quintet is founded and conceptualized by Marcos Garcia of Antibalas, bringing his erudite experience of West African rhythms and music to the more riff-based foundations of heavy rock. The results are an incredibly catchy and refreshing twist on classic forms, without sounding forced and trite like some sort of mash-up attempt.


Here Lies Man merges and expands musical traditions organically, utilizing the talents of drummer Geoff Mann (son of jazz musician Herbie Mann) and a host of skilled musicians to make Garcia’s vision a reality. Here Lies Man is a brilliant, hazy, psychedelic, hook-laden 8-song groovy as fuck masterwork.

Here Lies Man - Here Lies Man

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  • 1. In These Dreams
    2. I Told You (You Shall Die)
    3. Underland
    4. What You See
    5. Can't Kill It
    6. Run Away Children

    7. I Wander
    8. Night Comes
    9. Come Inside
    10. Collector of Vanities
    11. Disappointed
    12. You Would Not See From Heaven
    13. The Fates Have Won

    14. Out Goes the Night
    15. Cutting Through The Tether

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