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There's no way of denying (though most of my colleagues may try and say otherwise) that Dookie was one of the most seminal albums of the 90's. From the manic drum fill before the roaring snot-nosed fury of 'Burnout', it's clear that we're on to something pretty special. 

From the reinvigorated canonical gloom of 'Welcome To Paradise' (first heard on 1991's 'Kerplunk') and the unmistakeable catchy delights of 'Basket Case' (arguably their biggest hit before the folk-tinged noughties output). We get moments of pained teen relationship woes in the dynamic but longing ('She', 'Coming Clean')  and rhythmic, poppy micro-breakdowns that epitomise the short-form 4-chord delights that Green Day have become so synonymous with. 

It's a nostalgic, but thoroughly enjoyable journey, filled with moments of pure pop-punk perfection and holds up jast as well today as it ever did. 

Green Day - Dookie

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  • 1. Burnout 2:07
    2. Having A Blast 2:44
    3. Chump 2:54
    4. Longview 3:59
    5. Welcome To Paradise 3:44
    6. Pulling Teeth 2:30
    7. Basket Case 3:03
    8. She 2:14
    9. Sassafras Roots 2:37
    10. When I Come Around 2:58
    11. Coming Clean 1:34
    12. Emenius Sleepus 1:43
    13. In The End 1:46
    14.1 F.O.D. 4:08

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