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UK pressing of their 2008 debut album. Glasvegas are a four piece from the tough East End of Glasgow, who fuse a wall of sound noise that is equal parts Jesus and Mary Chain, Elvis and Phil Spector combined with a Pop sensibility inspired by '60s Girl Pop and Doo Wop. Since they debuted on the music scene, fans and critics have sung their praises in print and on the internet. This, their, highly anticipated self-titled debut album includes the singles 'Geraldine' and 'Daddy's Gone'.

Glasvegas - Glasvegas

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  • 1. Flowers & Football Tops

    2. Geraldine

    3. It's My Own Cheating Heart That Makes Me Cry

    4. Lonesome Swan

    5. Go Square Go

    6. Polmont On My Mind

    7. Daddy's Gone

    8. Stabbed

    9. S.A.D. Light

    10. Ice Cream Van

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