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Some of the most memorable music of the late-70s British new wave era came courtesy of Gang Of Four. Formed in Leeds in 1977 the band were one of the first to be inspired by punk, but come up with a something different from the usual three-chord thrash of the time. The band's 1979 debut album, "Entertainment!", poured punk, funk, and politics into a groundbreaking sound that continues to influence such worthy modern rock descendants as Hot Hot Heat, The Rapture, and !!!. Essential.

Gang Of Four - Entertainment

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  • Side 1
    1. Ether
    2. Natural's Not In It
    3. Not Great Men
    4. Damaged Goods
    5. Return The Gift
    6. Guns Before Butter


    Side 2
    1. I Found That Essence Rare
    2. Glass
    3. Contract
    4. At Home He's A Tourist
    5. 5.45
    6. Love Like Anthrax

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