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Released the year after Kurt Cobain's suicide, Nirvana drummer Dave Grohl stepped up to the plate with his debut (commercial) release as a frontman in 1995. Foo Fighters succeed in creating a powerful heavy rock album that's neither noisy nor stale is a measured accomplishment in its own right. So bask in the familiar neo-garage punk (a.k.a. grunge) of 'I'll Stick Around', 'Oh, George', and 'Good Grief'. You might even be surprised by Grohl's own pop chops on the mellow Byrds-like folk rock 'Big Me' and catchy rave-up 'This Is a Call'. The Foo Fighters prove that even if you can't go home again, it sure is comfortable hanging out next door.

Foo Fighters - Foo Fighters

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  • A1. This Is A Call

    A2. I'll Stick Around

    A3. Big Me

    A4. Alone+Easy Target

    A5. Good Grief

    A6. Floaty


    B1. Weenie Beenie

    B2. Oh, George

    B3. For All The Cows

    B4. X-Static

    B5. Wattershed

    B6. Exhausted

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