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“Delicious desolation...earning Adams a place in the pantheon of woozy contemporary torch singers alongside Mazzy Star, Lana Del Rey and Angel Olsen” 8/10 UNCUT

Metal Bird gets a release on Basin Rock, the Todmorden based record label who gave a lift off to Julie Byrne, Aoife Nessa Frances, Nadia Reid and Johanna Samuels.

Eve Adams offers solace within life's shadows. Un-numbing senses with anthems of surrender and tender-hearted tales that tingle with Californian folk-noir, her album Metal Bird takes flight with the turbulence and romance of Hollywood’s golden age, and meditates on the mysteries of love, death, insecurity and loneliness.

Like a match struck in a cobwebbed attic, Adams voice is a fiery detective, unafraid to explore the unseen; the liminal spaces between mourning and rapture, between the coldness of a corpse and the heat of cremation. Imagery of flight and the denial of gravity floats slyly through the ten songs on Metal Bird by the California-born musician and hints at the experience of being caught in purgatory, like a passenger on a plane ride from Hell to Heaven.

Combining airy folk with haunting soundscapes the album takes listeners on an auditory voyage from sonorous lullabies, to dreamy ambience, skeletal jazz, 1930s torch songs and 1940s film noir. Metal Bird has a distinct, genuine tone, with orchestral arrangements, ambient hallucinations and high fidelity vocals that are unafraid to be heard loud and clear.

For those who are hopelessly enamoured with a by-gone time, there is solace in these songs and sounds. Flickering back and forth between dread and hope, the unrelenting march towards a spiritual transformation and the realization that each of us are driven by our own dreams and as much as we want to hold it in our hands, often it is intangible. The sublime remains elusive, existing somewhere in the heart, and it sounds like Eve Adams knows this best.

Eve Adams - Metal Bird

SKU: 5060168042606
  • Side A

    1. Blues Look the Same
    2. You're Not Wrong
    3. Butterflies
    4. A Walk in the Park
    5. Metal Bird

    Side B

    6. The Dying Light
    7. Woman on Your Mind
    8. La Ronde
    9. Prisoner
    10. My Only Dream

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