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It seems improbable that these classics can really be improved upon, but it would seem that with this latest remaster, they have done exactly that. 

What can be said about Diamond Dogs that hasn't already? It's an Orwellian odyssey of Bowian proportians. 

Beginning with the freaky scene-setting dystopian flanged monologue of 'Future Legends' which sets the scene nicely for the eponymous follower. 'Diamond Dogs' is essentially a blues riff but twisted into a snarling glamorous rock and roll number. 

You might be forgiven for thinking that 'Sweet Thing' is not playing properly, but then it grows ever so slowly into a gloomy sounding detuned refrain, complete with harmonised 'ooh's' and 'aah's' before giving the man himself a stage to pull out his legendary vocal flare. When the unison of 'Boys, it's a sweet thing' comes around, you have no doubt that it really is a sweet thing. 

'Rebel, Rebel' is probably one of the most recognisable riffs of all time, and when that kicks in, you know you've landed. Rocking, psychedelic and triumphantly anthemic. 

It's rarely that an album has quite such a high killer/filler ratio, and most of them are by David Bowie. This is no exception. 

David Bowie - Diamond Dogs

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  • 1. Future Legend

    2. Diamond Dogs

    3. Sweet Thing

    4. Candidate

    5. Sweet Thing (Reprise)

    6. Rebel Rebel

    7. Rock 'N' Roll With Me

    8. We Are The Dead

    9. 1984

    10. Big Brother

    11. Chant Of The Ever Circling Skeletal Family

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