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Pop music, by its very nature has inbuilt disposability, a fleeting chance to shine in the here and now before everyone wants the next New Thing. Electro-pop feels all the more welded to a time and place, with the preset 'sounds' within synths dating quicker than the leg circumference of a pair of jeans. Scottish outfit Chvrches (pronounced as "churches" and sometimes stylized as CHVRCHES or CHVRCHΞS) get round the former by adding a darker edge to their well-crafted, hook-heavy songs, giving them a less robotic, more human feel. On the technology front, they combine a classic 1980s synthpop sound with current EDM touches, making this a winner for the over 40s and the under 20s alike.

Chvrches - The Bones Of What You Believe

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  • 1. The Mother We Share
    2. We Sink
    3. Gun
    4. Tether
    5. Lies
    6. Under The Tide
    7. Recover
    8. Night Sky
    9. Science/Visions
    10. Lungs
    11. By The Throat
    12. You Caught The Light

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