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If Cat's Eyes self-titled debut was grown in the dark, then Treasure House, their second, is born in light. If the nocturnal interiors of Cat's Eyes were a cult flick viewed in smudgy black and white on cathode ray, then Treasure House takes everything into the great outdoors and shoots it in Technicolor on wide silver-screen; an old school blockbuster, of the kind they no longer make.

Cat's Eyes - Treasure House

  • 1. Treasure House
    2. Drag
    3. Chameleon Queen
    4. Be Careful Where You Park Your Car
    5. Standoff
    6. Everything Moves Towards The Sun
    7. The Missing Hour
    8. Girl In The Room
    9. We'll Be Waiting
    10. Names On The Mountains
    11. Teardrops

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