This is Cass McCombs' second album for Domino, and it comes only 14 months after "Dropping the Writ", a Piccadilly Album Of The Year for 2008. More mellow and meandering than its predecessor, "Catacombs"(great title) slowly wends its way into head and heart, with intriguing lyrics and pining melodies creating a downbeat but beautiful vibe throughout. A melancholy, almost resigned atmosphere prevails; perfect for late, lonely nights or hot, lazy summer afternoons. Gorgeous. Again.

Cass Mccombs - Catacombs

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  • 1. Dreams Come True Girl
    2. Prima Donna
    3. You Saved My Life
    4. Don’t Vote
    5. Executioner’s Song
    6. Harmonia
    7. My Sister, My Spouse
    8. Lionkiller Got Married
    9. Eaves Dropping On The Conversation
    10. Jonsey Boy
    11. One Way To Go