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C Duncan’s highly anticipated third album sees the Scottish multi-instrumentalist ditch his bedroom studio and work with other producers, engineers and musicians for the first time. “This was the biggest shift in dynamic for me,” he explains, “having always worked alone, it was a daunting prospect but one I knew I had to explore.”


Navigating themes of love, anxiety and sexuality, ‘Health’ is a deeply personal record that delves into a world Duncan had previously felt uneasy exploring. “Writing it was a very cathartic process. It helped me through a lot of tough times and also to celebrate the good,” he continues. Warm and harmonically rich, Duncan delightfully juxtaposes the vibrant and wholesome aesthetic of the album with an often-darker lyrical undertone, pushing himself to refine and explore new ways of writing.


As the sole protagonist of his self-carved niche, ‘Health’ sees Duncan evolve and expand its parameters in mesmerising fashion.

C Duncan - Health

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  • 1. Talk Talk Talk
    2. Wrong Side Of The Door
    3. Impossible
    4. He Came From The Sun
    5. Holiday Home
    6. Health
    7. Somebody Else's Home
    8. Blasé
    9. Reverie
    10. Pulses & Rain
    11. Stuck Here With You
    12. Care

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