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Sarah Howells is a firm favourite here at Applestump. We've loved everything she's touched, from the collaborations with Culprit One and Dash Berlin to Halflight, the band that latterly became Paper Aeroplanes. Her latest project Bryde is no exception.


The new album 'Still' is an album about the different kinds of love as hinted at in the bracketed song titles.


“So many love songs glorify the idea of throwing yourself at someone, the drama, and the pain of love. I wanted to own up to doing that but acknowledge that there are many other healthier ways to think about love and then start a conversation about it.” - Sarah Howells

Bryde - Still

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  • 1. Algorithms (cyber)

    2. Silver Suns (divine)

    3. Hill I'm Dying On (unrequited)

    4. State We're In (self)

    5. Backless Dress (chemical)

    6. Dancing in the Middle (romantic)

    7. Conversations (conditional)

    8. Headlong (cosmic)

    9. Still (shadow)

    10. Epilogue

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