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An orchestra is an integral component of Bright Eyes' album, Cassadaga. The 13-track set begins with 'Clairaudients (kill or be killed)' where an orchestral swell a la the Beatles' 'A Day in the Life' gives way to lonely acoustic guitar picking. 'Make a Plan to Love me' seems inspired by Phil Spector's trademark wall of sound production style, with plucked string and angelic backing vocalists filling every available space. The album leans heavily toward country-rock territory on tracks like 'Four Winds,' 'Classic Cars' and the shuffling 'I Must Belong Somewhere,' which sports pedal steel guitar accompaniment.


Elsewhere, frontman Conor Oberst pays homage to the Pogues on the irish waltz on 'Soul Singer in a Session Band,'. 'Hot Knives' blends the orchestral elements with more of a rock sensibility, alternating between stripped-down and lush sequences. The album features guest contributors from M Ward, Gillian Welch and Janet Weiss (Sleater-Kinney, Quasi).

Bright Eyes - Cassadaga

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