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Simon Green aka Bonobo returns with his fourth, most eagerly-anticipated and most accomplished album to date, the magnificent "Black Sands". Green proves once and for all with "Black Sands" that he is an artist and producer with his sights set on much higher prizes than to rule any dusty sub-genre of dance music. Green's mix of beats and breaks (from the mellowest downbeats, via jazz breaks to UK garage style grooves and Afro-tinted jauntiness) with a melodic sensibility make for a great listen.


This is a record of epic reach and massive emotional pull, all held together by Green's understanding of composition and arrangement of live instruments (most of them also played by him) as well as his complete mastery of the tricks and techniques of the digital age. "Black Sands" is the most contemporary record he has ever made.

Bonobo - Black Sands

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  • 1. Prelude
    2. Kiara
    3. Kong
    4. Eyesdown
    5. El Toro
    6. We Could Forever
    7. 1009
    8. All In Forms
    9. The Keeper
    10. Stay The Same
    11. Animals
    12. Black Sands

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