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Until 1978, Blondie was perceived mostly as a '60s-referencing, British-invasion-meets-girl-groups band. With veteran producer Mike Chapman at the helm for their third album, though, everything changed for this group bred from the New York punk scene.


Honing in on Blondie's strongest points - Debbie Harry's come-hither vocals and Clem Burke's powerhouse drumming - Chapman helped recast the band to the power pop side of new wave, and with impressive results. Driven by the punk-meets-disco chart-topping hit, 'Heart of Glass,' and the herky-jerky 'One Way or Another,' as well as a muscular cover of the nerves' 'Hanging on the Telephone,' 'Parallel Lines' established Blondie as major stars.

Blondie - Parallel Lines

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  • 1. Hanging On The Telephone

    2. One Way Or Another

    3. Picture This

    4. Fade Away And Radiate

    5. Pretty Baby

    6. I Know But I Don't Know

    7. 11:59

    8. Will Anything Happen

    9. Sunday Girl

    10. Heart Of Glass

    11. I'm Gonna Love You Too

    12. Just Go Away

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