Some of the best known and most beloved lyrics of the era, it was this call of the surfing wild that, on October 1st 1962, introduced the world to The Beach Boys' first studio album, Surfin' Safari.

With the success of the singles 'surfin" and 'luau,' Capitol records released Surfin' Safari–the first studio album for the three Wilson brothers (Dennis, Carl & Brian), Mike Love and Al Jardine. With the chart success of Surfin' Safari's name sake song and '409,' the album launched The Beach Boy's onto the world stage.

Beach Boys - Surfin' Safari

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  • 1. Surfin' Safari
    2. County Fair
    3. Ten Little Indians
    4. Chug-A-Lug
    5. Little Girl (You're My Miss America)
    6. 409
    7. Surfin’
    8. Heads You Win–Tails I Lose
    9. Summertime Blues
    10. Cuckoo Clock
    11. Moon Dawg
    12. The Shift