Released in May 2000 to widespread acclaim, ‘The Hour Of Bewilderbeast’ beat other shortlisted nominees including Coldplay, Doves, Leftfield and Richard Ashcroft to that year’s Mercury Music Prize. Like all great debuts, it captured the zeitgeist of the moment, managing that rare feat of sounding both completely of its time, and utterly timeless.


The album went platinum and Damon was then asked to write the soundtrack the film of Nick Hornby’s book ‘About A Boy’, which became a huge hit. He went on to release eight studio albums over 12 years, before taking a break over the last couple of years and now he’s back with a fresh focus.


15th anniversary reissue on 2LP in heavyweight gatefold sleeve.

Badly Drawn Boy - The Hour Of The Bewilderbeast

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  • A1. The Shining
    A2. Everybody's Stalking
    A3. Bewilder
    A4. Fall In A River
    A5. Camping Next To Water

    B1. Stone On The Water
    B2. Another Pearl
    B3. Body Rap
    B4. Once Around The Block
    B5. This Song

    C1. Bewilderbeast
    C2. Magic In The Air
    C3. Cause A Rockslide
    C4. Pissing In The Wind

    D1. Blistered Heart
    D2. Disillusion
    D3. Say It Again
    D4. Epitaph