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Following a triptych of seminal records (‘Drums And Wires’, ‘Black Sea’, ‘English Settlement’) XTC released their sixth studio album ‘Mummer’ in 1983. Coinciding with the group’s decision to become a solely studio-based endeavour - which is why this is the last XTC album to feature drummer Terry Chambers - ‘Mummer’ personified a more experimental, diverse approach, but one that unfortunately met with declining popularity. Features the UK Top Fifty single ‘Love On A Farmboy’s Wages’.

XTC - Mummer

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  • 1. Beating Of Hearts

    2. Wonderland

    3. Love On A Farmboy's Wages

    4. Great Fire

    5. Deliver Us From The Elements

    6. Human Alchemy

    7. Ladybird

    8. In Loving Memory Of A Name

    9. Me And The Wind

    10. Funk Pop A Roll

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