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The War On Drugs push the boundaries of a quintessentially American music.


Guitars soar and colorful clouds roll past whatever sun or moon you are cruising under, through whatever old bar you are reveling within. The War On Drugs point toward a tireless horizon in the distance that you will never reach but are compelled to chase. It's a tail you've chased your whole life and will continue chasing because your life is more poetic when you are moving toward it - your cinematography is more rich. 'Wagonwheel Blues' is one of those albums that each of us holds onto tightly.


They get moved from apartment to apartment through the years; they are songs on the radio that follow us from town to town. They evoke waves of nostalgia and grow more poignant with each new bump along the road.

The War On Drugs - Wagonwheel Blues

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  • 1. Arms Like Boulders
    2. Taking The Farm
    3. Coast Reprise
    4. Buenos Aires Beach
    5. There Is No Urgency
    6. A Needle In Your Eye #16
    7. Reverse The Charges
    8. Show Me The Coast
    9. Barrel Of Batteries

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