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Formed in Sydney in 1994, The Vines are known for their signature hybrid sound which combines elements of ‘60s garage and ‘90s alternative rock. First released in 2008, Melodia is the band’s fourth studio album and includes the singles ‘Get Out’, ‘MerryGoRound’, and ‘He’s A Rocker’. Released on vinyl for the very first time, housed in a textured reverse-board sleeve and pressed on 180 gram.

The Vines - Melodia

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  • A1. Get Out 2:10

    A2. Manger 2:02

    A3. A.S. III 1:53

    A4. He's A Rocker 1:57

    A5. Orange Amber 2:01

    A6. Jamola 0:59

    A7. True As The Night 6:07


    B1. Braindead 2:26

    B2. Kara Jayne 2:07

    B3. Merrygoround 2:12

    B4. Hey 1:33

    B5. A Girl I Knew 2:19

    B6. Scream 2:00

    B7. She Is Gone

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