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The Murder Capital’s second studio album Gigi’s Recovery, produced by John Congleton, will be released on January 20, 2023 via Human Season Records. 

The Murder Capital’s first album ‘When I Have Fears’ had all its songs written and recorded within the first 9 months of the band knowing each other. 

Now, with ‘Gigi’s Recovery’, the band had to learn to navigate their personal relationships through the relationships they harnessed with these new songs. Without knowing what these songs would sound like, the band knew what they wanted them to feel like- and worked backwards from there - “We had this slightly tongue-in-cheek mantra at the near-beginning of writing this record, it was - The evolution will not be compromised. This kept us on a course, even when we didn’t know where we were going”. And that’s exactly how The Murder Capital ended up with an album that is both totally pure and yet completely confident in its direction.

The Murder Capital - Gigi's Recovery

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  • 1. Existence 
    2. Crying 
    3. Return My Head 
    4. Ethel 
    5. The Stars Will Leave Their Stage
    6. Belonging 
    7. The Lie Becomes The Self 
    8. A Thousand Lives 
    9. We Had To Disappear 
    10. Only Good Things 
    11. Gigi's Recovery 
    12. Exist

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