This is the first time these session recordings, from between 1987 and 1990, have been made officially available, and given that Lee Mavers turned up, played on them, allowed them to be broadcast and didn't go round telling everyone not to listen to their radios, we can assume that the mystical Scouser was actually happy with these versions! He's only done one LP so you may aswell bag this too, because, well: it's brilliant!


Ironically, the only duffer is a rather clangy, rigid "There She Goes", but everything else probably surpasses the album versions. You also get the superb "Calling All", a huge song which was going to give the debut album its title, until it was mysteriously dropped at the eleventh hour.

The La's - BBC In Session

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  • 1. Doledrum
    2. Way Out
    3. Freedom Song
    4. Come In Come Out
    5. Son Of A Gun
    6. There She Goes
    7. I Can’t Sleep
    8. Over


    Side B

    1. Feelin’ (BBC Nicky Campbell Session / 1989)
    2. Timeless Melody
    3. Callin’ All
    4. I.O.U
    5. Way Out
    6. I Can’t Sleep
    7. Timeless Melody
    8. Callin’ All
    9. Feelin’ (BBC Bob Harris Session / 1990)