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Since 2017 FSOL have released whats called "Calendar" albums, which are digitally delivered monthly tracks that form a 12 track album by the end of the year. This release picks the best tracks from the last 4 years and brings them together in a seamlessly mixed 50 minute journey - 11 songs from FSOL, Humanoid and Synth-a, engineered and mixed by Yage at FSOL's 9Lwest Studios.

I’ll tell you whut: FSOL have long none of the impetusand drive to conjure up sounds of the future. Much like Autechre every release seems to conjure up new, unfathomable levels of synthesis that have remained unattainable. Infact, few electronica luminaries have achieved the varied and down right arresting cataglogue of sounds, rhythms, atmospheres and sequences that this pioneering act have. 

“Music From Calendars” sees a beautifully plotted journey through their most recent soundscapes. Contrasting utopic and dystopic, multi-dimensional sonic vistas with blasted machine rhythms, overdriven synthesizer functions and atmospheres grabbed from galaxies far, far away. It’s a transportive journey that leaves you gasping for air as soon as it leaves the cerebral orbit and by the record’s finally should have you parachuted back into your consciousness reborn and invigorated.

The Future Sound Of London - Music From Calendars

  • 1. Frozen Air

    2. Surrounding The Garden Is A Fog - Synthi-a

    3. Artificial Placement Of Emotion

    4. Blacked Out Windows

    5. Commensalism

    6. Near Field

    7. Alertions

    8. Riverbed

    9. Obscured By Dark Intervals

    10. Propagate - Humanoid

    11. Memories Of Yesterday

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