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Originally released in 1980, The Black Album represented a significant expansion of their sound and style. When The Black Album came out in 1980 it was an extraordinary leap forward for The Damned. Yes it contained 'punk' tracks such as 'Hit Or Miss', 'Drinking About My Baby' and 'Sick Of This And That', but it also strayed into psychedelia with 'Silly Kids Games' and especially the mighty 'Curtain Call'. Punk? Psychedelia? Goth? Who cares what category this album falls into, the only one that matters is Masterpiece!

The Damned - The Black Album

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  • A1. Wait For The Blackout

    A2. Lively Arts

    A3. Silly Kids Games

    A4. Drinking About My Baby

    A5. Twisted Nerve

    A6. Hit Or Miss

    B1. Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde

    B2. Sick Of This And That

    B3. History Of The World Part 1

    B4. 13th Floor Vendetta

    B5. Therapy

    C. Curtain Call


    D1. Love Song

    D2. Second Time Around

    D3. Smash It Up (Parts 1 And 2)

    D4. New Rose

    D5. I Just Can't Be Happy Today

    D6. Plan 9 Channel 7

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