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30 Years on from The Charlatans debut appearance at the Reading Festival comes a special limited pressing of the bands seminal live set from Reading Festival 1992 recorded by the BBC.

Includes early singles Indian Rope, The Only One I Know, Then and Weirdo.

Available on standard black vinyl and limited edition indie store exclusive powder blue vinyl (1000 units).

The Charlatans - Live At Reading Festival 1992

  • Side A
    1. Out
    2. You’re Not Very Well
    3. Weirdo
    4. Tremelo Song
    5. Then
    6. Can’t Even Be Bothered
    7. I Don’t Want to See the Sights

    Side B
    8. The Only One I Know
    9. Ignition 
    10. Indian Rope
    11. Sproston Green

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