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Released in October 2006, “The Bluetones” was the band’s fifth album and reunited them with Hugh Jones, producer of their first two albums. It features the singles “My Neighbour’s House”, ”Head On A Spike” and “Surrendered”.


Now issued on vinyl for the first time ever (on translucent blue vinyl), the inner sleeve features all the lyrics and credits, photos, and another beautiful drawing by Scott Morriss.

The Bluetones - The Bluetones

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  • Side A

    1. Surrendered
    2. Baby, Back Up
    3. Hope And Jump
    4. Head On A Spike
    5. The King Of Outer Space


    Side B

    1. Thank You, Not Today
    2. My Neighbour's House
    3. Fade In / Fade Out
    4. The Last Song But One
    5. Wasn't I Right About You?

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