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Teleman return with their second album on Moshi Moshi which was recorded by Dan Carey at his South London studio. The art of songwriting has been the driving force behind Teleman's second album 'Brilliant Sanity': the process of crafting of the immaculate pop song, the dogged pursuit of the perfect hook. The result is an album that appears fastidiously and impeccably made, but also charged with joy.


'Brilliant Sanity' shows Sanders as an accomplished and distinctive lyricist, with a passion for the music of words themselves and an eye for the singular image. You can see this preoccupation with strong imagery throughout 'Brilliant Sanity' - in the deftness of its song titles - 'Tangerine', for instance, or 'Canvas Shoe', in its recurrent references to devilry and fire, and in its most lingering lines - a reference to a 'Chinese burn' in 'Glory Hallelujah', for instance, or in the declaration "Every time I'm alone with you / The air gets heavy and drips like glue" of first single, 'Fall in Time'.

Teleman - Brilliant Sanity

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  • 1. Düsseldorf
    2. Fall In Time
    3. Glory Hallelujah
    4. Brilliant Sanity
    5. Superglue
    6. Canvas Shoe
    7. Tangerine
    8. English Architecture
    9. Melrose
    10. Drop Out
    11. Devil In My Shoe

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