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The EP is a compilation of songs recorded over the past couple of years which, for one reason or another, I have never found a home for. Dennis and Buzzard were recorded during The Boombox Ballads sessions and were originally intended to be released as a stand alone 7" single to promote the album. Dennis was the name I gave to my son before he was born. My wife wasn't quite as keen as me so we went with something else. Each verse goes through a different name my wife and I considered. I wanted it to sound like Jet (the song, not the band). Buzzard is my interpretation of an old fashioned dance courtship song, if there's such a thing. The lyrics are different mating rituals which I imagine make up the dance steps. The Final song on Side 1 is a cover of one of my favourite Daniel Johnston songs, Mountain Top. It was recorded for a radio session that was never aired.


Side 2 begins with my attempt at writing a Christmas tune. It was written and recorded, like all good Christmas songs, in the height of summer. It was around the time of the Labour leadership debate and I imagined Jeremy Corbyn as Father Christmas so it has a vaguely political message. It was co-written with Paul Jones who worked a lot on The Boombox Ballads and it's him you can hear in the middle 8. Next up is a cover of a Northern Soul song called Blowing up My Mind originally recorded by The Exciters. It was recorded as a B side to Got to Hang on to You, the second single taken from The Boombox ballads (the Exciters' song is mentioned in mine). For whatever reason we ended up not using it. It's a pretty faithful rendition of the original. The final song was another song from the shelved radio session. A cover of the Dennis Wilson / Beach Boys song, Cuddle Up.


The amazing artwork was designed by Louise Mason at Sawn-Off.



Sweet Baboo - Dennis

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  • 1. We Used To Call Him Dennis
    2. Do The Buzzard
    3. Mountain Top
    4. Don't Be Alone (This Christmas)
    5. Blowin Up My Mind
    6. Cuddle Up

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